The Kennedys: Photographs by Mark Shaw


Classic Mid-Century collection of photographs taken by Mark Shaw of President JFK and Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. This book has only one small tear in the outer book cover. In excellent, unused condition.

"For the first time, complete access has been granted to the Mark Shaw Photographic Archive in order to produce this fresh and expanded take on Shaw's classic 1964 work, 'The John F. Kennedys.' Shaw developed a close friendship with the family that gave him extraordinary and informal access to their inner circle. His stunning shots from this time capture some of their most intimate and candid moments. This book includes images of the campaign trail, relaxing at home with friends, entertaining at the White House and the sombre days following the assassination."

A rare collector's edition seemingly unavailable in the United States. See this link for the UK listing:

Measures: 11.5" ta x 10" w x 1.25" t

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